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Claiming back what you thought was lost. Speak with your authentic voice. 




Now or never:

it's time for the next step.Take that last hurdle!.




Woman in life

Your message

What is your message? What do you stand for? To answer this question, you need to know who you are. A head full of thoughts, a container full of emotions? I guess so and so much much more. Even if the reality seems different, we are also walking hearts, with tender hands, doing what we feel called to do. Against all the odds, because that is who we are. 


Your dreams

The women I meet in my practice seem confused, hurtful, hesitant, angry or sad. It is clear that something needs to change, but where to begin? Fear for change and the consequences can keep a woman in a vicious circle. Somehow your dreams and longings have become a luxury, stashed away in a closet. 


Having a hard time putting ourselves on our own priority list. Let alone on top of it ~ Michelle Obama.


Your actions

Already a slightly different perspective can present new openings in a blink of an eye. Giving yourself a moment of reflection and you come to the realization that you knew it all the time. This is who I am, this is where I stand for. 


Make a decision if you want to discover 

  • how it feels at the top of your own priority list; 

  • who you are and being able to speak your truth freely; 

  • the effect of a clear head and an open heart; 

  • to become more daring and giving your creative impulses free rein; 

  • the power of limiting believes and the freedom to experiment with new behaviour. 



If you need experienced coaching support, and a wise touch, give me a call. I am here to support you in this lively process. Together we can look at the bigger picture and create a broader perspective. We will create a save space where you can find your own answers. 

Your call

Do you have questions? I am happy to answer them. I'll offer you a 30 minutes discovery call free of charge.

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Now or Never

You are in full swing, and it shows. In your work, you've obtained professional seniority, which is visible in your performance, deliverables and your interactions. You are doing well, and, for sure, you want to accomplish more, but something is holding you back.


Bridging the gap

More and more, you experience a growing difference between what you do and what you long to create. You want to give your best, even when you feel the weight of the organization and tasks and time pressures. Maybe it is your own critical inner voice that whispers: 'it can't be done'.

Whatever the reason, external cause or inner barrier, you feel the urge to move forward, carving space to create the best you have to offer. What's stopping you?


Gaining momentum for the next step

You know who you need to be, to be able to do what you want to do so you can express yourself to the fullest.

You become clear about what the moves forward are;

Your vision & values will lighten your path. 


In one session, you can look at a current situation and gain more clarity, or you can book several sessions for a more extensive path. Call me, and we can compile a suitable trajectory. For a start, I'll offer you a 30 minutes discovery call free of charge.

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