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My vision

A world where a woman’s voice will ring out into the far corners of the earth, where she makes her mark. Free from cultural shackles, she is breaking through age-old walls that obstruct her growth. She conquered her inner demons, she equals herself now, she has grown into her full nature.


Head held high; feet firmly planted on the ground, life forth sings through her bones and body, held in reference for all that is.

Her wisdom can flow freely, and the world is thriving. 

Finding my own voice & giving my best
As a girl, I was taught that obedience is a virtue. There was no need to think independently. So I obeyed, and I listened very carefully to parents, teacher and priest. I did what was asked of me, and I paid the price big time. Heavily influenced by an external authority, I lost my own voice, and for a while, I distributed unbeknownst someone else message. It has been quite a journey from the timid girl susceptible to external authority, to the woman who is walking her own path, unveiling her own wisdom.

A crisis put me on the path within and brought me the clarity what's mine to tell and what not. Nowadays, I am sharing and singing my own songs and stories. I am giving voice to what wants to be expressed from the inside out.


I've learned to see more nuances in reality around me, burning red morphed into a darker one with more tones. Through the years, I've learned to carry myself, and the need for an outer imago grew into a soft inside connnection with myself. When there are moments I feel lost, I know now how to find the way home again. In the end, it turned out to be reasonably straightforward: creating time for myself and start to connect with my breath and body. Relaxation settles in and I can hear and feel the signals and sensations in my body. In those moments that what is seemingly broken becomes whole again.


I know now that life wants to be met full on. There is this invitation to open up to what knocks on your door. More and more, I've found the courage to answer the call. It is about stepping out of my way and at the same time becoming me unapologetically. I've grown into the one I am born to be.

"Mayke's coaching style is brilliantly unique! She connects with me in such a profound, deep way that only her presence does half of the magic! With her intense questioning, she has the skill to softly push me forward in progressing my topic. Allowing silence mixed with centring exercises are some of the highlights of the genuinely transformational coaching style Mayke has. Her experience is clubbed with deep presence for the client" Doris Jhunjhunwala, Agile coach, Germany

My training & education 

In my younger years, I've studied the theories, models and methodologies, and in those structures, I felt secure. Through the years, my emphasis shifted from form to being fully present. What is important now is how the client and I show up in our sessions. It is about the ability to make a connection, with yourself and with one another. Deep listening and connecting with the body & the breath are, therefore, vital parts in my way of coaching.      

Engrossed in my own story, Mayke helps me quickly to cut down to the essence. With ease, she brings me to the energy level where the work needs to be done if it wants to have a real impact. After a session, I feel centred and reconnected with my inner strength and gifts. I feel a new potential emerging. Carin Dackman, coach & creative change agent, Sweden

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